A Friendly Read #3 for Fall

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by Tim Burdick on 05 October, 2020

When I was a kid I liked the Little Vampire series, because


it was unlike a lot of other children’s books (at that time, at least). It is a bit mysterious and a tiny bit spooky, while at the end, it is about friendship, keeping secrets, family and love. The different characters are scary, strange, warm, trustworthy and loveable.

I found it very entertaining as a kid and I loved that it was a little bit spooky. ( My Swiss friend Jana’s childhood pick)

My first reaction. What little Vampire? I googled it and discovered the book’s huge fan base. But, it was impossible to locate a copy unless you bought it on German amazon.

Angela Basset Basberg‘s Little Vampire has an excellent opening. When Tony is home alone, he naturally watches forbidden horror movies on Tv. He loves them. But, one night while getting juice during a commercial break, Tony doesn’t hear the Tv. It suddenly hits him. Someone has switched it off.

Thus, Tony returns to his room and meets his first vampire.
Not a teen hunk.
Not the count of Darkness.
Only, an ordinary kid vampire with cruel eyes and sneer. One who has a fear of stakes sleeps in a coffin in a secret hidden tomb with his family ( sister, older brother, parents and aunt). Yes, the story just gets better.

This book is a great page turner, where the only real monsters are the disbelieving parents who poke and prod at their son.

My only disappointment is that I didn’t discover this book as a kid.

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