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Welcome Aliens* to my blog,

I don't know if you are near or far, young or old, but I hope you are happy and enjoying life.

I’m writing to share my real journeys (living abroad) and literary ones ( writing children's books) with you.

Every four weeks, I will write about two memories of travelling, a reflection on writing, and a book review.

I hope sharing what I’ve learned through experience entertains, educates and makes you aware of good children’s book authors. And of course, I hope my posts let you travel in your imagination.

May you dream of faraway worlds.

Timothy Burdick

*(Sorry, for my strange greetings, but I feel we are all foreigners living in faraway exotic lands.)

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  • Linda

    Hello my friend..........May your words reach many! I know they've reached me many a time!

    Linda 08 July, 2013

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