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by Tim Burdick on 08 May, 2013

I was born in Los Angeles, California but grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  After high school, I went to Lock Haven University and majored in English. My globetrotting began with two different student exchange programs in the U.K (Glasgow, Scotland and Nottingham, England). My writing was mostly poetry, short stories and even a play.  After graduating in 1995, I studied at the University of Delaware where I obtained a Masters in Teaching English as a Second language.  The most memorable part was my student teaching in Panama.  Since 1998, I have worked in the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and Chile as an English language teacher. Currently, Prague, the heart of Europe, is my home.

My career: I am fortunate that I have become a pretty good teacher and have helped my students to pass tests, get jobs, and travel in English speaking countries.

My love of reading:   Every summer, we made a 10-12 hour car journey across, PA, Ohio, Indiana and up into Michigan to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins (too numerous to count).  During these long summer car rides, I devoured comic books and others like the Encyclopedia Brown books and The Three Investigators.  As my appetite for good stories grew, I began to read anything to fill the hours lying in the back of my parent’s van.

Writing a children’s book  (What’s Upstairs? and Tommy and the Manawar’s eye ) is a memorable journey. I follow the same path as my characters.  As I travel through each story, I enjoy the scenery.  Each book’s challenges teach me on how to craft well constructed plots.  It is only when I feel each word is perfect that I know the journey has ended and I am ready to share them with you, my reader. Enjoy.

My current book : The Ghost’s Messenger is a strange love letter to the Czech Republic.  Everything I learned about Czech culture during my years living in Prague, I have put into this novel to create an exciting story (I hope) for all to read and visit my ‘imaginary’ futuristic Czech Republic.

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  • David Ritter


    I am very proud of you. I am in awe to hear of your incredible, globe-trotting life. Very impressive.

    I do have two fun memories of you at less exciting jobs: cleaning at Chester Cheetos kids area at Dorney, and working at Blockbuster at Trexlertown. Fun times of places past...

    Keep up the good work.

    Dave Ritter
    PHS '89

    David Ritter 28 December, 2020

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