Save Hawk!

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by Tim Burdick on 29 June, 2020

As a youngster, I was always impressed by the Joe’s moral codes. Whether it was Ace and Wild Weasel’s areal stand off or Lifeline vs the Oktober guard, individual beliefs have always made the Joe’s stories special.

Particularly, in issue # 78(Payback), when Roadblock with Dr. Burkhart rescues Hawk, it is a classic.

After the fiasco of invading Cobra island, the Joes are declared renegade (WHAT!) and placed under house arrest (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Hawk and General Hollingsworth are hidden away in a private clinic . A small group of joes including a civilian Grunt and his girlfriend Lola mount a rescue. The fire fight at the clinic is a typical shoot-em- up. But, the twist ending still sticks in my memory. Destro arrives at the last second, clears the Joes‘ names and provides crucial evidence to implicate the guilty Senator Maltheson.

It is this story writing which made the G. I . Joe comic, a worthy way to spend a Saturday afternoon, huddled at my desk as I poured over the pages and absorbed every frame and dialogue.

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