The Battle of Springfield

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by Tim Burdick on 09 June, 2020

The following Joes are cool (for dozens of reasons): Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Hawk, Grunt, Hawk, Stalker, Duke, Cover Girl, Rock-n-Roll, Clutch, Tunnel Rat, Flint, Storm Shadow, Major Blood, Destro, Baroness, Low Light, Road Block, Chuckles, Rip Cord, Zartan, Spirit, Law & Order, Shipwreck, etc.

With a comic book, a writer has a long list of characters to create a great story. Soldiers have colorful personalities, specific skill sets, fighting abilities and cool weaponry.

With an army comic, each issue cannot showcase all these characters and do them justice. Or each issue would be like the ‘War and Peace’ of comics. I know, some of you might like this idea, but most others i.e parents and activists of rainforest would be less enthusiastic. Since each run of an issue would kill a small section of rainforest to print. All that paper. Sigh.

So, when issue # 50, ‘the Battle of Springfield’ arrived. Yes, my mind was blown. The JOES found Cobra’s home base! After forty-nine issues, they had done it. And everybody fought. Finally. Yes. Yes. Yes. (I can still picture myself jumping on my bed).

The twist: Dr. Mindbender had created a super leader from all the greatest historical military minds.

And yes, 36 years later, the issue still doesn’t disappoint.

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