Snake Eyes: the Silent issue

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by Tim Burdick on 31 May, 2020

G. I joe has always been Snake eyes, Snake eyes, Snakes eyes.

A faceless, bad ass soldier who didn't talk,  and whose face you never get to see. A mysterious warrior usually doing the impossible. I loved it.


The first day, I poured over the artwork in the silent issue. This moment is clearly etched into my 11-year memory of Snake Eye's awesomeness. No dialogue. No word bubbles. It shocked, frustrated, and amazed me all at the same time. An adventure of Snake eyes rescuing Scarlet as they escaped from Destro's mountain lair. Frame after frame revealved an action packed issue: parachuting and fighting ninjas.

In this issue, Scarlett's facial expressions spoke volumes: her contempt with Storm Shadow, her relief as Snake eyes blocked the arrow, her joy as they soared into night sky. This artwork stuck clearly in my mind. As well as, a first clue-Snake eye's and Storm Shadow's shared past-- an identical arm tattoo.

Such a small  detail hinted at future stories, waiting to be read.

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