My first love of childhood

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by Tim Burdick on 24 May, 2020

I once asked a young student what he wanted to read about in my blog and he said, "Tell me what you loved to do as a kid."

Of course, the answer was, and still is, reading comics.

My Favourite series was G. I Joe. Since it was hard to find stores which sold comics, I had delivered to my house by post once a month. Anxiously, I checked the mail each day. Finally, it arrived. The first issue had a cover with a group of soldiers fighting a huge robot. I was hooked. The story revolved around this robot (from Cobra- The Joe's enemies) with secret transmitters trying to give away the location of the Joe's secret underground base. Every page. Every frame captivated me. I was hooked. Thus, began my thirty six year love of reading Joe comics.

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