International Reader #2

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by Tim Burdick on 02 October, 2017

American kids love their books for story time or on their own.
Here is a list of readers and their favourites.


Ten year old John

Anything by David Pilkey’s

The books are very funny with great illustrations. Garfield compilations and graphic novels are also good.

14 year old Ellen

When she was smaller, she liked both of these series: Little Critter and Bernstein Books. Now in teen mode, she loves John Greene- the most popular young adult writer of the time. And yes, she likes a bit of Sherlock homes.

13 year old Sadie

reads a bit of everything including Nancy Drew


One of my favorites as a parent...they asked for these stories over and over again. "Is your Mama a Llama?"

It was a favorite with all of the rhyming. My kids would chime in with the tempo of the rhyme in the story.

"The Little Mouse, the red ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear" was another huge hit.
Probably our all time favorite. The illustrations were fun and the kids really looked at the details of them all. The storyline was cute. And of course I used fun inflections and dramatic flair in reading this one. .

I could probably recite both books by heart yet to this day.

Four year old Aspen

Aspen's favorite Author is Sandra Boynton.
Her favorite book is Snuggle Puppy ( a board book with a cute love poem between parent and child).

Her step dad sings it to her and she knows allllllllllll the words".

Hope you discover a new book or are reminded of an old one.

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