New Summer Poems

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by Tim Burdick on 18 June, 2017

Here are new words to stimulate your imagination.


1st line from Thomas James’ Letters to a Stranger S2,L1

the field is banked with purple asters
this buttercup held beneath your chin

you pick daisies to make a bracelet
lilacs waft their scent across the lawn

dandelions cluster beside the sidewalk
the vintner pulls petals by the score

have you picked fresh sage and thyme?
bees carouse through the hawthorn hedge

a wren has her nest near massed violets
does pollen cling to your eyelashes?


white trails down the winter driveway
falling like a bride full of flowers

tendrils of roses caught in faint tulle
these petals rest so lightly on her lips

watch daisies bend in a green sky
the toss of ice-cream cones on the step

a wish of starched shirts open to sunlight
lilac cummerbunds fold against fold

brocade embroidered with pearl seeds
one last promise signed onto parchment

by Joanna M. Weston

If you have enjoyed these poems, please check her web page to find more great works.


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