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by Tim Burdick on 12 February, 2017

Robert likes the three investigators, a detective series about three boys who solve crimes and talk to Alfred Hitchcock.

He started his blog in 2000 to flesh out his T3I collection on eBay. The market was flooded with books coming out of library circulation and also the first 11 books had just been re-released to maintain the copyright.

Robert used his knowledge, plus a lot of other information from the web and in various T3I message boards to put together a collector's site. His blog has grown through his collecting and visiting libraries. There are several excellent T3I sites that cover many aspects of the series: his pages focuses on all of the various North American editions and printings, along with a general overview of the series' history. In addition, he discusses how to store, repair and maintain aging collectible books

If you want to learn about the series, rediscover it or you are a cover aficionado,
check out Robert’s page now.



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