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by Tim Burdick on 19 September, 2016

Dear Kate,
Thank you for Paul Jennings' The Reading Bug. I love it as a parent and a children’s book writer.

I am really excited to learn how to interest my child in reading without emotionally scarring and turning reading into a horrible daily chore. Also, I can see how matching my child to the right book will make a huge difference in helping him begin his life long love of reading. Also, Jennings’ belief in parents’ importance over teachers surprised me, but his argument about adult-child reading time makes sense. The book finishes with a long list of excellent book recommendations for every age group to help parents find the right ones for them.

The Reading Bug also provides resources about a writer’s different target audiences, writing styles and story development to suit different readers. One chapter even promotes how certain themes appeal to each gender. As a writer, the chapters fill me with excitement for future writing projects.

Once again, thanks for bringing this writer to my attention as I now can plan better reading time with my son!

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