The Creeps' book review

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by Tim Burdick on 05 May, 2016

The town of Biddlecombe is strange, and not in a funny ha-ha kind of way. It’s been the center of the apocalypse. It’s home of an architect who designed loads of the town's ugly buildings, including the abandoned department store Wreckit & Sons. And it’s home to its teen savior Samuel Johnson, scientists working secretly on a superconductor, a few dwarves, and two demons. But, now someone is renovating the department store for a grand opening. Things are about to change, not in a funny ha-ha kind of way.

John Connolly’s The Creeps is the final installment in the SJ trilogy. Samuel Johnson and his dachshund, Boswell, live in this town with an eclectic cast of odd balls including the locals, his demon friends, who stay in his spare room and the dwarves who try to hold a job. Also, other characters, who are good fun to read about, are those local constables and those pesky scientists in the candy shop. Their reactions, their dialogues are all weird, funny and make the story a very enjoyable read.

From the first chapter to the last line, the book is full of sly digs, witty dialogue, and situations which will make you chuckle or at least smile. Seriously, you have a heart of stone if you don’t giggle at least once.

This teen adventure provides footnotes, which gives background on the characters and setting.


Smile inducing-always.

These take the book’s humor to a whole other level. So, if you want to laugh as the world is about to end. This is the book for you!

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