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by Tim Burdick on 27 April, 2016

Everyday I wrote a page or two in my journal to clear my head or get the creative juices flowing. My closing line used to be ‘don’t give up.’ But, when I read it, it sounds too negative, too desperate. My situation is anything, but dire.

I’m not dying. Prettty healthy in fact. My family too.
I’m employed, yeah me!
I have a long list of story ideas.
I have a long list of friends.
My vacations are planned.
I am ready to teach my classes.
Finals are almost finished.
Yes, life is good in fact. No complaints here.

So, my new closing is—love, live and learn. I saw it on a co-worker’s gym bag. It sums the keys to enjoying my life, moving forward and experiencing the world: literary or real.

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