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by Tim Burdick on 06 April, 2016

Last week, I met with a fellow writer to discuss the latest draft of my query and synopsis.

Good feedback never hurts. A good editor will never say, “This draft is genius.” or “Oh my god, this is bad.” (I don’t know maybe they do). They will guide you to explore different drafts of your work and let you choose the better version.

One step back, one step forward. “I’ve read it twice and I still don’t understand the plot.” was a comment from my friend. Okay, so I was disappointed my synopsis was confusing. But, on the bright side, my query only needed a few sentences and it’s done.

Ideas. With my colleague, I explained how one publisher wanted me to compare my book to others from the same genre and explain how mine differed. He gave me a great author which I enjoyed reading as I finished editing my book and rewriting my synopsis.

Writing is all a matter of perspective. Your daily writing task sometimes feels like a never ending journey, climbing a mountain which you will never reach the peak.

As I come to the end of the submission process, I try to stay positive, I think how amazing my query will be and how my synopsis shows great writing. It is a learning experience and a time to have fun playing with words.

I try not to rush but to enjoy every second of it, before I finish the last sentence.

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