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by Tim Burdick on 03 August, 2015

Book Review of The Snowstorm

This Swiss Classic (by Selina Chönz) is set in a mountain village. Sister and brother Ursli and Florina tend to local animals in their barn or under the weather tree out in the forest. The story follows their preparations for the sledding day party. An excited Ursli wants to have the best sled for the big parade. As a storm approaches, he sends his sister to gather decorations for their sled. Will she get them in time and return home safe? The winter snow brings danger to the characters’ lives, but you must read to find out the ending.

The illustrator, Alois Carigiet, tucks simple black-white drawings of the forest world in the spaces around the passages. They contrast nicely to the full page colorful pictures of Ursli and Florina’s adventures. These illustrations filled me with nostalgia for my childhood winters of sledding.

The story, which is told in rhyming couplet, paints a vivid narrative and shows mountain top life in all its natural beauty and daily rhythm.

If you require children’s books with great pictures, unique artwork, and good poetry then track down this story and you will not regret it.

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