Goodnight Moon

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by Tim Burdick on 28 June, 2015

To be honest, I’d never heard of this book until my mother gave me a copy for my newborn son and now it is a must read before bedtime.

In Margaret Wise Brown's classic book, a bunny shows us the world through his eyes. It is a story that must be read aloud, slowly, one page at a time so that you can enjoy the colorful illustrations. I’ll never tire of its nonsense verse and its pleasant rhyme as the boy bunny says goodnight to his room.

In a child’s eyes, everything in his or her room has value, from the pictures on the wall to the alarm clock on the stand. There are bedtime routines to follow, like reading a story or brushing your teeth. The nighttime slows down our busy days and we recognize the importance of sleep and dreams. This book reveals there are things outside our everyday world that are worth remembering. Everything deserves a goodnight, even the Moon.

If you crave adventure and mysteries, don’t read this book. It is a soothing poem with gentler magical moments, almost as if the wind itself is reading to your child.

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