Begin at the Begin

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by Tim Burdick on 11 March, 2015

When writing a first chapter, nothing is wrong. I want my readers to visit this new shadow world. I have many questions about my new characters. Who do I want my readers to meet first? Humans or shadows? Under which circumstances? What information is important to learn first and what is more important to learn later. I think of my main characters' appearance and how he or she might react to a situation. Before I write the next chapters, I have to discover these key details to let the story grow.

With this new book, I want to try to write a prologue which I have never written. What is it? I feel it is a taste of the story. But, the dictionary says it is simply an introduction. So, yes, I want my readers to peak through the doorway into this new world and get a glimpse of these beings. The reader must decide if he or she will continue.

In the first drafts, there are no mistakes. It is a relaxing time because there is no right or wrong. Not now, not at the beginning. I polish my ideas to build a foundation and play with the words on the page. Maybe, later I might change my mind. My ideas might take too much time to explain, or they are too confusing. It doesn’t belong in this world. 

When I feel great about the story, when I can’t see any mistakes, or I am confused, and lost in my story. Then I will share with others for their input to find my way out.

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