A Very Happy Birthday to Me

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by Tim Burdick on 02 February, 2015

Depending on your age, birthdays have many meanings. When you are a kid, they are fun. Usually, most people see them as a day which represent scary change. But, for me, birthdays are a chance to celebrate life. I stop worrying about the diet, all my classes, writing reports, and the daily work, and I enjoy. This day is about doing my favorite things. In the past, I celebrated on only one day, but now the party lasts for several days. By the time, I get all the birthday cards, it’s almost Valentine’s Day or later.

The kick off event was the Northern Film festival at Lucerna a few weeks earlier. I got to see two great films: When Animals Dream and Dead Snow 2 (which made me laugh so much).

Then, later that weekend, I got to do cookie baking and made Nuttie drizzles.

No birthday is complete without meeting with friends. I usually get together with one or two people at a time because I want to talk and hear about their latest news. I wish I could get together with all my friends, but then the celebrating would last several months and mean travelling to numerous countries, which would be great, but very tiring.

Finally my birthday is here and the main event- the cake. This year, Katka baked a Devil’s food cake. Eating a piece at 6:30 am Birthday morning was simply delicious.

My special day dinner was at Casa Blu. Fajitas with Rezany. Manana from Heaven.

For some reason, there are always surprises. I got a gift certificate which entitles me to have my wife watch the ENTIRE Star Wars Trilogy! Score. This means she will watch: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, not all six movies.

Birthdays make me slow down and notice little things: the poetry of the moment. Falling snow, I watch as I am walking to work. The sunrise.

These things all together remind me how special life is and how important it is to enjoy it.
My birthday card said it best, “the most beautiful things in the world aren’t objects, but moments, minutes, and seconds.” (Karel Capek)

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