How to find a publisher?

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by Tim Burdick on 31 October, 2014

Unless you are rich or your family owns a printing press,
It will take a bit of planning to get a publisher.


First, you can google ‘Children’s publishers’ to find possible publishers.
Ok. I did it. 26 pages with 20 entries per page.
Lovely 460 publishers to check.

How about you try to enter information about your manuscript:

Genre—Mine is Paranormal adventures/Fantasy with a sci-fi twist.
Age of readers: Middle Grade.

Also, more importantly, will publishers review manuscripts of first time authors (unsolicited manuscripts).
Okay now, with my next search, the number is lower.

But, let’s not take chances. Go to your book store and check out books with a similar genre. I found a few new ones to the list: Host, Jas, Baobab, Fantom print, Cooboo.

OR ask your librarian (Thanks Evon) for advice. Great, Scholastic doesn’t accept new manuscripts, but I found Houghton Mifflin.

When you find a publisher compare your book to published works in their catalogue. My book is a funny/scary ghost story in the Czech Republic. This publisher does books about dancing kittens. Ok. Scratch that one off the list.

Let’s ask friends who read for suggestions. Or anyone who has published? Or belongs to a writer’s group? Ask. Ask. Ask.

Check out the latest copy of Children’s Market from the library.

Finally, you should have a good working list of publishers. Now, you check their web pages, and study their submission guidelines. Of course, don’t waste time, sending a cover letter, a query or a plot synopsis to someone who doesn’t publish your theme. After you have drafted the requested letters, and edited them, send them out. Fingers crossed.

While you are waiting for a response, start writing the next book. It will be six twelve weeks before you get a response.

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