Believe in the Dream

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by Tim Burdick on 26 August, 2014

You’re not a fake, a wanabee, or a pretender. You are the next Orson Welles, J.K Rowling, Ella Fitzgerald, Alphonse Mucha, or possibly, Frida Kaleho. To become an artist in the Fine Arts, Literature, Music, Film, even Architecture, you must treat yourself like the god-like artist- you want to become.

Go buy that Swiss chocolate, don’t put off going to see the new sci-fi film or the ballet, borrow that French book from the library or buy the latest fashion magazine, and definitely visit a new park or a farmer’s market as long as it sparks your creativity.

Treating yourself to these little luxuries and allowing yourself to play and have fun are good steps towards investing in your creativity. How can you create something beautiful wonderful, scary, amazing, thought provoking unless you treat yourself to the little things.

A humvee, pink diamond encrusted sunglasses or a fur covered toilet seat might do the trick, but you want to create inspiration, not debt.

Last week, I treated myself to comic books, a nice coffee, a shirt, oatmeal cookie, chicken kung pao, Panang curry, and the words and ideas are pouring out of me.

Stop being trapped in the fear and doubtful thinking –“It costs too much? How will afford it? Do I deserve it? I am not good enough.” How will you get anyone to believe in your dreams if you won’t? Take the first step. Don’t give up, sacrifice, retreat, scrimp, and penny pinch. Start treating yourself, wake up your senses and stir your imagination.

Who knows what ideas you will create?

Ps—For the record, I would like to say that this blog was inspired by The Artist’s Way. The original idea was hers, but shaping and developing the words were mine.

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