All the Stars laugh sweetly (a book review)

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by Tim Burdick on 21 August, 2014

Written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the Little Prince is a classic for young and old, as one explores its pages and learns about the importance of friendship and love.

After an emergency plane landing in the desert, the narrator awakes to discover a boy, standing over him with a simple request to “draw [me] a sheep.” As the pilot attempts to fix his plane, he speaks with the Little Prince about his journey across the galaxy. The child’s innocence gives him a unique perspective of different educational, business, and political worlds and their vices. As the Little Prince finishes his story, the narrator worries about him and his future. The ending leaves you wondering: What happened to the Little Prince? Is he back on his planet with his flower and three almost extinct volcanoes? It is upon the reader and his imagination to decide.

The book raises big questions: What does it mean to be an adult or a kid? How do these two groups see the world differently? The narrator believes that grown ups like numbers, school subjects (geography, history, arithmetic and grammar) and prefer to talk about bridge, gold, politics and neck ties. They see only the value of things, not the thing itself. Whereas a child when meeting a person wants to know—“What does his voice sound like? What is your favorite game? Do you collect butterflies?” It is these comparisons that make one rethink his or her world.

Also, another strength of the book is the pictures. These simple color illustrations give the story a memory-like feeling. It reminds me of children’s drawings and some are quite beautiful. My favorites are the Little Prince (himself) and his home on Asteroid B12.

I have re-read the book numerous times. When I look at the narrator and his dire situation in the desert, the story’s first half has a tense atmosphere. But once the Little Prince arrives and his background becomes known. Then, a wave of nostalgia washes over me. I have a deep longing for reliving my childhood triumphs. The writer doesn’t give clear details to reveal exactly what happens to the Little Prince. But, you must infer your own interpretation. The final pages are still emotionally powerful and they touch me deeply even now as they did 16 years ago.

When you have some quiet time in the morning or late afternoon with no distractions, pour your favorite hot drink and prepare to disappear between the pages and contemplate the narrator’s journey. And possibly afterwards, like me, you will see with innocent eyes the sky and the flowers and wonder at it all.

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