Summer is here!

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by Tim Burdick on 15 June, 2014

School is over. Vacation has begun. Yippee! It is a time to lie around and do nothing, except READ!

You have been too busy since Christmas. Now, you have loads of free time.
No more excuses. Go to your shelf, library or book store and get a beach book.

They are vital while sunbathing on the shore, enjoying with your tea on rainy afternoons or days when you have simply nothing planned. These books come from every genre and all types of authors: James Joyce to Stephen King. Guilty pleasures, you savor each page no mater where you are: a B& B in Connecticut or a remote cabin in the woods by a lake.

(FYI: Don’t read horror at the latter or you’ll just scare yourself)

My definition of a beach book is a page turner that you lose yourself in the story.

You miss your bus,
(The Little Prince )

or you forget you are on an exotic Thai beach,
(The Last Olympian)

or you don’t notice the three person fight on your tram, until passengers knock the book out of your hand as they flee. (Toby Alone),

you don’t realize the outside world exists until you finish the last chapter.

Beach book, you are my constant companion while travelling through mountain passes, across desserts, and on remote southern islands. I look forward to spending together quiet mornings, sunny afternoons, or late nights under starry skies.

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