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by Tim Burdick on 25 May, 2014

Today I mailed the latest draft of my book including revisions, additions, and changes to my story editor and seven readers. Yea! While I am waiting to get feedback from them, what am I going to do?

1. Draft a query for The Ghosts’ Messenger to publishers.
2. Write The GM’s plot synopsis.
3. Do cooking commercials with a ginger bread man. (three, if I am lucky)
4. Work on my picture book.
5. Organize notes and thoughts on the next book.
6. Write my weekly blog.
7. Learn new recipes. (Tapas, Thai are at the top of the list)
8. Lose 5 cm from my waist line.
9. Organize concert trips. (The Subways are coming back to the Czech Republic!)
10. Read a new book.
11. Study Czech. (it never ends)
12. Write to old friends.
13. Go to the movies.
14. Promote my cooking and writing web pages. (it’s true, I have two!)
15. Plan a vacation.
16. Write a thank you post card.
17. Learn something new.
18. Go to the new exhibition on Tim Burton.

Doing all these things will fill my days and prevent me from going crazy waiting to hear from everyone. Also, I will move forward on the projects and parts of the submission process with getting published. When I get my feedback, I hope enough time will have passed to give me a fresh perspective on the book to make the final corrections before sending it out to publishers.

The big question about the list above is what will I do first?

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