How to Live Forever.(book review)

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by Tim Burdick on 15 May, 2014

How to live forever ( by Colin Thompson) has a small boy, Peter, who is trying to find answers. He lives in a museum with his Grandfather and mother. Everyday after school, he explores alone the museum and all its magical wonder. But, questions plague him.

Where did his father disappear 15 years ago? How can he save his Grandfather from an incurable disease? In his daily exploration, he meets an ancient woman who sets him an impossible task to find the book of immortality and it will provide him the answers. The character falls into a mysterious world of books turned into houses. His only help is his cat and female guideā€”a girl named Festival.

I felt like I had crawled through my book case into another world. This dark atmospheric universe was the real joy of reading this book as I travelled further with Peter and Festival. The tense and complex story seemed secondary at times. It was a well paced journey with twists. It is not a light fun read but you must be ready to explore the issues of missing parents and letting go of things beyond our control. A good read that will require more than one visit between its pages.

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