My own personal cheerleader

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by Tim Burdick on 28 April, 2014

I love spending my mornings in chest deep water with my surfboard. Studying the glassy peak of the wave, and the diamond dust covered surface of the sea for the next good wave is pure joy.

As a rule of survival, when I visit a new beach, I have a lesson from a local surfer to get the inside scoop. Are there any unknown beach laws? Are locals protective of their turf? Are there good spots to try and bad ones to avoid? When are the best times for waves?

When I was in Florida, I organized a one-to-one with Mark. It was cool to use the surfer lingo and learn about when not to go into the water. Sharks usually feed till 9 am, after that you are fine. “Eyes open man, all the time.” We spent the morning in the water, getting some awesome rides. We actually caught the same wave for several minutes (which in the surfing world) feels like forever.

To have someone high-five me after getting a wave or doing a fist bump was cool. Then a thought hit me. How different would life be if I had my own personal cheerleader for all the hard work moments?

My list would go like this:
“Those double chocolate brownies you baked were the bomb!”. . . You did your taxes, pronounced a foreign word correctly, taught an awesome lesson, and did all the shopping!

You the man!

Life is better not to be alone when facing the big waves about to hit you or even the little ones. We all need someone to cheer for us. Or maybe, don’t wait. You should find someone and start cheering for them.


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