My Secret Volleyball moves

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by Tim Burdick on 30 March, 2014

While living abroad, I’ve learned a number of sports. Chile-fotball (soccer), New Zealand-surfing, and the Czech Republic - volleyball. After playing with three different teams, I have become an okay player, which means I can handle a group of Hungarian teenagers in a 3-3 match, but professionals would make Swiss cheese out of me. It’s true.

When I think back over the last five years, I remember some of my great moves that have helped my team win games.


Thor’s hammer-You smash the ball through the net.

The net walker- You hit the ball so that it lands on top of the net and
then it falls over into the other team’s side. Score.

The Hyena- I have a wicked laugh and when I start, everybody joins in.
Yes, I have stopped games.

The scream -The name says it all. Spike the ball while yelling, “Die!”
See what happens.

The ball- If you trip and fall while returning a serve, curl into a ball,
so your team mates don’t step on you as they run to hit it.

The Scream II- Give a Samurai yell as you hit the ball,
your cosmic energy will propel it across the court.
Usually I get a point for my team because everyone is laughing at me.

The leaping spider (or the panther) - When waiting for a serve, I strike the toughest pose, snarl, give the death stare, and look like I could tear a telephone book
in half with your bare hands.

‘I surrender’ position- When you are at the net, wrap your arms around your
head, while your team mate serves so you don’t get drilled.
Trust me.

Please remember though, if you’re not enjoying yourself, don’t play. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I’ll probably never get Olympic gold, but I get two hours a week on the court (Ok. I hour 20 minutes, we have problems setting up the net.)

To relax, stop stressing about life and have a little fun.

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