You are Never Too Young to Enjoy the Wonder of Books! (Guest Blogger)

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by Tim Burdick on 14 March, 2014

My fellow writer, Debi O'neille wrote this inspiring piece about reading to your children and I thought I would share it with all of you. Enjoy.


The time to steer your child toward becoming the greatest novelist of all time is now!

This is the perfect age to nurture those early interests. When you read to a child, he is learning the art of story as surely as he is learning to speak.

Just as forming words and later sentences become apparent to a child, so can an ear for rhythm and cadence, patterns and surprises, all those little things that exist in story.

Everything in a child's life becomes an influence in some way, so it only makes sense to make sure the influences of wonder are present. Stories can do that. They create wonder.
Have you read to a child today?

If you want to read more of her writing, find her blog address in my supporters link and visit her page.


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