How I met devils

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by Tim Burdick on 09 December, 2013

In 1998, I was visiting the Christmas market in Wenceslas square. I noticed that there were people in costumes. (men in white fluffy beards with staffs, or young girls in wings). One family with two little boys was walking down the street. Two men with horns on their heads and dirt smudged faces ran up screaming. They grabbed the boys, threw them over their shoulders and ran off.


I was in shock.

Stealing children off the street in broad daylight, what horrible country had I moved to?

After a few steps, they brought the scared boys back to their parents.

What a cruel joke, those kids were going to need serious therapy.

Naturally, my first year was a huge education. This holiday is when Mikuláš, Anděl a Čert” (St Nicholas, the angel and the Devil) visit houses. The Saint asks children if they have been good. Children usually recite a poem or sing a song. If they perform well, they receive fruits, candy or a small toy from the angel. If they were bad, they got a rotten potato, dead tree branch, or a piece of coal from the Devil.

After witnessing this holiday first hand, I still though, those kids were going to need a lot of therapy.

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