Czech Jack O' Lanterns!

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by Tim Burdick on 17 November, 2013

I know Halloween was two weeks ago, but a friend gave me these Jack O’ Lantern photographs and it reminded me of the first time I bought a pumpkin in Prague (back in 2004) and took it back to my flat. All these women were smiling at me. I thought, Wow, everybody is flirting with me today.


But, after I mentioned this friendly behavior to my friend, she said, “They were laughing at you and your stupid pumpkin.”

It was like waving a flag, ‘look at me, I’m a foreigner.’

Oh well.

Recently a student told me that in Liber had a festival called: ‘the Lantern Parade’. They lit lanterns, specifically Jack O’ Lanterns. People gathered in the main square and went on a spooky night time walk.

During Communism, it was ‘the Big October Revolution’, which celebrated the Bolshevik Revolution and the ship, Aurora.

Interesting to see how some holidays change, but Jack O’ Lanterns just get scarier.

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