What words can do . . .

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by Tim Burdick on 27 September, 2013

When you write and share your work (articles, short stories, plays, poems), you will get all types of criticism. Not everyone will think your writing is pure golden wisdom and praise your ideas. Some will only look to find your grammatical mistakes, missed punctuation or typos. Others will point out your flaws in your stories and others won’t understand anything at all.


Whatever you do, please don’t give up because negative feedback hurts. Take a deep breath and think of what your words might do someday . . .

They will inspire a stranger, touch hearts, heal wounds, cheer up the sad, make people think (or rethink), help remind people about beautiful things.

Your work can soothe minds, celebrate life, get someone to grin, have a sing-along, relax, be a good bed time story or teach important lessons, but remember you will not make everyone love your work.

If you want to improve, practice. Love yourself and love your writing (baking, dancing, painting or whatever) and this positive energy will drive you to keep working on days when you don’t feel like it because the world needs you and your words. We need to make the world a better place, so never stop dreaming, believing, or creating.

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