A Review of Momo

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by Tim Burdick on 04 September, 2013

Picking out a book by unknown author is quite scary. Will it be good? Will I like the story and the characters? Of course, I could have spent hours searching the shelves. There were so many new books out there besides the classics. However, in the end, when I visited children’s section of Luxor, I found one tucked in the corner hiding in the shadows, Momo by the German writer Michael Ende. His most famous book was The Neverending Story.

Momo is a homeless girl who lives in an abandoned amphitheater. She is an exceptional listener and this ability helps to bring out the best in her friends: Guido, the guide, Beppo, the street sweeper, and the other children who come to play with her. This perfect carefree life comes to an end as the men in grey take over the city. They trick innocent customers into harsh time saving measures. Slowly people become unhappy workaholics as they give up the people and activities they love to maintain hectic fast paced life styles. Only Momo remains to save her friends from the grey men in their bowler hats.

The book’s main message is the biggest appeal to me. Don’t rush around or you will forget about enjoying life and instead focus on working and buying worthless junk. Spending time with friends and family is what matters most. Older readers will enjoy Ende’s colorful use of language as it takes you into another world. It is an engaging story with surprising plot twists as you follow interesting characters on their journey. I hope you find it one day.


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