Is an easy life better?

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by Tim Burdick on 08 March, 2014

This blog is dedicated to my next book purchase.

My wish list includes about 10-20 from around the world, but how have I achieved this amazing feat?

Sold my soul?

Started working for a publisher?

No, I bought a kindle. My secret weapon against the long complicated mess of buying a book while living abroad. Thank goodness, because my book shelf corner is almost full.

Ordering books from England, the US or Germany is over. Hunting on-line, or random searches through book stores, forget about it. Now everything is a touch of the button. This weekend, I bought Ender’s Game in about 2 minutes. Easy-peasy.

My kindle feels like a genie’s lamp.

With a book waiting to be read, on my bed side table I’m not sure how I feel about it though.

I think I will still visit bookstores near Wenceslas square or my favorite used book shops littered around the globe. There is something fun in browsing the aisles and discovering new cover art or an unknown author.

Once, I found an edition of Grimm’s fairy tales illustrated by Jiri Trnka. I didn’t know that they still printed it. My kindle doesn’t do color, but someday who knows?

I love that I can get books from all over but, an easy life without surprises feels very dull.

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