Classic Middle Grade Literature: Vampire Bunnies?

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by Tim Burdick on 26 April, 2015

Bunnicula (by James and Deborah Howe) is a tale for tweens, which will have readers chuckling about two household pets discovering the truth behind their newest member in the Monroe household.

Chester the cat and Harold the dog witness the Monroe’s return with a bunny they find at a screening of Dracula. Over the next few days, Chester alerts Harold to the potential danger of their furry arrival. In hilarious episodes, the pets take action to save the family and the world!

Watching the events unfold through the eyes of Chester and Harold allow for some great laughs and spine tingling moments. The clueless family and their misinterpretation of the pet’s warnings are definitely a good joke. Chester is a funny cat with a vivid imagination. Due to his reading of Edgar Allen Poe and other horror stories, he can only see Bunnicula as a dangerous threat. I don’t want to reveal any of the story’s surprises, but his attempts to stop this ‘supposed’ monster are hysterical. While on the other hand, Harold is skeptical of Chester’s theories. He is a loyal pet who loves his owners, particularly Toby, because he shares his chocolate cupcakes with cream filling.

An enjoyable read before bedtime, but lock your doors and windows. And of course, wear lots of garlic.

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