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by Tim Burdick on 25 January, 2015

Submitting a story is not a mad dash to pour every word out of your head onto the page. Typing like a crazed fool, scribbling like a maniac does not make you a literary genius that the world will one day celebrate. It could mean a lot of things, like-- why are you in such a hurry? 

But, for me, I want to get it right. I want to labor over my story and send it off. I want readers. If I am lucky while I write, I want inspiration and imagination to guide my pen. Feedback from my critique group, friends, and test readers will help me find the plot holes and develop my story further. Seriously, I have lost count of all the people who have read and critiqued this story. Numerous drafts were created and edited. But, now there is a final draft.

My editor told me to do one last reading. When she made this comment, I was surprised. Wasn’t that her job? Hadn’t she done this?

But, for the last two weeks, I read a chapter or two a day, I checked spacing and quotation marks. To my surprise, with every reading, I found something: an extra space or a missing punctuation mark.

I breathe a sigh of relief because I am almost done, only two more chapters.
Then, there will be a polished story. I don’t know if it will be 100% perfect for publishers, (I hope) but as I re-read each page, I smile at a job well done.

Fast writing can mean making mistakes and sloppy stories. I won’t win any speed writing contests, but I still have a great book.

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