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by Tim Burdick on 14 December, 2014


Last weekend, it finally happened. I did it. Screaming from the balcony or dancing on all the furniture in the house wouldn’t have expressed the relief at finishing my book.

My editor helped me to make the final changes (font, font size, chapter headings and line spacing). Even before I sent the queries, I reviewed submission guide lines to prospective publishers. What could I send them? What was the required info (genre, reader age, word count, contact info)?

The final check, I reread the query letter, plot synopsis, and sample chapters. In the rereading, I made a few tweaks. Then, only then, did I send out my materials. I submitted 5 queries (four to Czech publishers and one American).

But, now what?

I felt the whole experience was anti-climatic. A five year journey of writing, drafting, shaping, polishing, editing, editing and more editing was now over. And yes, for the record, an emptiness hangs over me from time to time.

Okay. Don’t get me wrong. It’s Christmas and I want some down time to watch holiday movies, bake cookies, take walks with my wife, prepare for the birth of our child (late March due date) and just enjoy life.

But someday soon in the future, I don’t know when, probably, while taking the metro to class, or returning home at night, eating lunch, the words will arrive. True, I will have small projects to pass the time before this epic day of starting the new book. There will be blogs, funny blurbs on Face book, and my daily journal writing. Also, I am sure inspiration will strike at odd moments and I will scribble down lines, thoughts and images on the back of opened envelopes and scraps of paper. When these days come, I will smile.

What can I say? I love writing. There is no other career that I would rather do. Writing one chapter at a time is a very satisfying experience. Publishing a book is also wonderful. Of course, over the years, learning how to write better has helped me improve my skills. But, on the best days, my creativity lets me visit another world.

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