Let’s go to the movies

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by Tim Burdick on 12 December, 2013

Small independent cinemas are fun. As a kid, my favorite was the Roxy near my house. It started as a concert hall.  I once overheard a couple talking about Billy Joel and Heart had played there. The atmosphere was amazing with the old organ, the velvet curtains, and lights. The 70’s cartoon preview reminded people that they could still buy popcorn.


I can remember seeing Willow there and having the audience applaud. True Story. Friends still don’t believe me.

My other favorite cinema experience is in Enrique, Chile. A small square building, where I watched the LOTR: Return of the King. The whole town attended and filled every seat.  People even sat in the aisles.  They shouted advice to Bilbao. When the huge spider crawled out of the rock, old women gasped, “No!”

It added a whole new level of adventure to the film and reminded me how good films can create  touch us.

If this holiday season you feel stressed, go with friends and family to a cinema with a bit of history and experience a whole new world on/off the screen.

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