Fight your Travel Fears (or the day I left America)‏

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by Tim Burdick on 19 September, 2013

Travelling is an act of faith that everything will go alright.

In 1998, I left to live abroad in the Czech Republic. As I prepared, I kept my mind blank to all the possible problems. My co-workers asked, "Are you worried? Have you traveled before? What will you take? What WON't you take? How long will you be there? What if no one meets you at the airport?"


I would deal with one thing at a time. I kept my mind closed to all the possible fears. The 'ifs' and 'what abouts?', the terrorists, missed plane connections, and lost luggage. When the time came, I did the final check. I had enough money, snacks, medicine, and clothes. My suitcase was under the weight limit. I had my blanket (okay not a real one). We all are like Linus (from the Peanut's cartoon) as we cling to a lucky scarf, (a necklace, or socks) that links us to a memory of a favorite day or a feeling. We hold onto our blankets and re-visit them when the clouds cover our sky and the rains fall.

Goodbyes were said to friends and families and I got on the plane. I would see everyone at Christmas or the next summer. During the flight, I had a moment when I knew it would all be okay. The following poem is a reminder for me of that first journey and the beauty that can be discovered along the way.

Sunrise through a plane window

Sun set maze
dark clouds
oceans mist

my mind dreams of

a single turquoise star
hanging from

the sea's



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