Be open minded!

by Tim Burdick on 24 April, 2014


which I am until my students told me about Czech Easter traditions.

The basic idea is that a man hits a woman with pomlaska. It is a stick with two reeds woven together. Yep, true story.

Ender’s Game is a sci-fi novel by Orson Scott Card. In the distant future, our hero is a scared and bullied child who only wants to be left alone. Ender, the third child, is chosen to participate in a military school to fight off an invasion of buggers, a horrific alien race.

My Secret Volleyball moves

by Tim Burdick on 30 March, 2014

While living abroad, I’ve learned a number of sports. Chile-fotball (soccer), New Zealand-surfing, and the Czech Republic - volleyball. After playing with three different teams, I have become an okay player, which means I can handle a group of Hungarian teenagers in a 3-3 match, but professionals would make Swiss cheese out of me. It’s true.

When I think back over the last five years, I remember some of my great moves that have helped my team win games.

My worst birthday ever

by Tim Burdick on 23 March, 2014

On Saturday, I celebrated my birthday, dancing in Lucerna. True, it was technically in January, but I wanted to wait for all my friends to be back in town to go with me.

My fellow writer, Debi O'neille wrote this inspiring piece about reading to your children and I thought I would share it with all of you. Enjoy.

Is an easy life better?

by Tim Burdick on 08 March, 2014

This blog is dedicated to my next book purchase.

My wish list includes about 10-20 from around the world, but how have I achieved this amazing feat?

Sold my soul?

Started working for a publisher?

Why aren't you doing the impossible?

by Tim Burdick on 26 February, 2014

I am going to write and publish a children’s book.

We all have these artistic dreams to paint a picture, take a photograph, sing a band, do ballet.

But, this sentence scares me.

Do you speak Czech?

by Tim Burdick on 20 February, 2014

I love learning a foreign language. It’s fun. It’s frustrating. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. On my good days, Czech, Spanish are my two strongest. Sometimes I’ve uttered French, German, and Hungarian phrases. But don’t even talk to me about Thai.

I want to rock!

by Tim Burdick on 12 February, 2014

This blog will be dedicated to one of my ‘loves’—music or more specifically enjoying live concerts.

Book review: Toby Alone

by Tim Burdick on 03 February, 2014

Sometimes the biggest heroes come in the smallest sizes.

First Impressions of a Foreign Place

by Tim Burdick on 26 January, 2014

(Or-what I learned walking down the main street of Mae Nam, Koh Samui.)

Always make sure when you go to a country that you keep an open mind and celebrate their differences. You travel to see something new, not the same old thing.

To be a good artist...

by Tim Burdick on 18 January, 2014

Is create. Don’t just think about it or talk to friends. Practise, produce, and create. (Sorry, if it sounds like I am stating the obvious.)

Tip or Not to Tip

by Tim Burdick on 11 January, 2014

On Friday, we went for an elephant ride which cost 700 Th Bat (or 23 dollars). It was a short 30 minute trip around their jungle park. At first, the driver guided our elephant along a dirt track with Katka and sitting behind him. After awhile, the driver let each of us ride behind the elephant’s head as he walked alongside. He took several photos with our camera. Then, he got back on and tried selling us plastic charm bracelets and necklaces at a high price. When we tried to negotiate a deal, he said, “No, I must charge this price. Elephant has to eat.”

My Christmas message

by Tim Burdick on 25 December, 2013

For 364 days, we rush around, knock into each other, stress, worry, meet deadlines, attend meetings, work, but this holiday should be about stopping and slowing down.

The Bohemian life Part.2

by Tim Burdick on 19 December, 2013

I know what I said last month about writer’s life style, but visiting real places can give your imagination a boost.

Let’s go to the movies

by Tim Burdick on 12 December, 2013

Small independent cinemas are fun. As a kid, my favorite was the Roxy near my house. It started as a concert hall.  I once overheard a couple talking about Billy Joel and Heart had played there. The atmosphere was amazing with the old organ, the velvet curtains, and lights. The 70’s cartoon preview reminded people that they could still buy popcorn.

How I met devils

by Tim Burdick on 09 December, 2013

In 1998, I was visiting the Christmas market in Wenceslas square. I noticed that there were people in costumes. (men in white fluffy beards with staffs, or young girls in wings). One family with two little boys was walking down the street. Two men with horns on their heads and dirt smudged faces ran up screaming. They grabbed the boys, threw them over their shoulders and ran off.

Book review: Bridge to Terabithia

by Tim Burdick on 01 December, 2013

Bridge to Terabithia is a nostalgic tale of friendship and losing that special someone. Written by Katherine Paterson and published in 1977, it is one of my favorites for its intimate portrayal of a boy as he grows from the new person in his life and the changes that she brings.

Is a bohemian lifestyle the answer to great art?

by Tim Burdick on 24 November, 2013

A month ago, my writers’ group discussed how your geographic location might affect your art. They claimed that they would all write better if they could move to Europe (Paris or Prague). In this bohemian environment, inspiration would blossom.

Czech Jack O' Lanterns!

by Tim Burdick on 17 November, 2013

I know Halloween was two weeks ago, but a friend gave me these Jack O’ Lantern photographs and it reminded me of the first time I bought a pumpkin in Prague (back in 2004) and took it back to my flat. All these women were smiling at me. I thought, Wow, everybody is flirting with me today.

Don’t be afraid to make some noise

by Tim Burdick on 08 November, 2013

When I lived in Panama, I did my student teaching at a bilingual Catholic school. The teachers and students were all native Spanish speakers and practiced English in select subjects.

We remember all Souls.

by Tim Burdick on 02 November, 2013

Looking through my notebooks, I found this memory of my first Dušičky (Or All Soul's Day) in the Czech Republic. After all these years, I still consider it one of the most beautiful holidays.

This book review is dedicated to my elementary school librarian, Mrs. Miller, and her annual ghost story reading done by candle light every Halloween.

The girl who screamed

by Tim Burdick on 19 October, 2013

Once I was with friends on a getaway weekend out of Prague. We were walking through the woods. One girl, Petra, screamed and ran off the path. My heart leaped into my throat and I started sprinting after her. Did she see a bear, a boar, snake, spiders? What?????? Should I climb a tree?

Moomin Valley in November: A book review

by Tim Burdick on 09 October, 2013

Tove Jansson's Moominvalley in November isn't your typical narrative, but more of a glimpse into a natural wonderland. The story setting is the passing seasons from Summer, Fall, and then Winter. The beautiful description helps you see the isolated Moomin valley. It feels almost as if you, the reader, have fallen out of the sky and landed in a forest. You dust yourself off and meet Snufkin and the others one by one as you walk along.

What words can do . . .

by Tim Burdick on 27 September, 2013

When you write and share your work (articles, short stories, plays, poems), you will get all types of criticism. Not everyone will think your writing is pure golden wisdom and praise your ideas. Some will only look to find your grammatical mistakes, missed punctuation or typos. Others will point out your flaws in your stories and others won’t understand anything at all.

Travelling is an act of faith that everything will go alright.

In 1998, I left to live abroad in the Czech Republic. As I prepared, I kept my mind blank to all the possible problems. My co-workers asked, "Are you worried? Have you traveled before? What will you take? What WON't you take? How long will you be there? What if no one meets you at the airport?"

Horse Attack!

by Tim Burdick on 11 September, 2013

In the last week of August, my parents and I stayed in a hotel near Assatague Island, Maryland. This beach was recommended by a fellow surfer as a great surf spot, but I had never been there. It is home to 80-100 wild horses as a national park. The horses can wander wherever they want and are protected under environmental law.

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